“The Forgotten Order” is a long format fantasy web comic project that began December 2011. The story will be divided into 3 books, each section comprised of several chapters. Currently we are almost to the end of book 2. This comic is YA friendly but may contain some mild language and scary moments.
Updates weekly

The Story:
The Forgotten Order follows the adventures of a young fauni witch, Trystan, who struggles with her own magical abilities. Miserable and alone, she seeks the companionship of a cursed doll. Together they try to free themselves from their unfortunate fate.

About the Creator:
Hello there, I’m Christy, and I write and draw this here webcomic. I started my adventure in art at San Jose State University where I graduated with a BFA in Animation and Illustration.
In my college years I did everything from website design, to art teacher, to personalized baby plaque painting. My first industry job was making social games for Facebook and I have since moved on to art for games on mobile devices. You can find some of this work in my Portfolio.
I love games, cats, and cute things.


About the Art:

The is comic drawn on a cintiq wacom monitor. I use a mixture of Clip Studio paint (for sketching and inking) and Adobe Photoshop for colors, FX, and placing lettering.
Check out my Youtube to see some process work!

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